Lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy

Hi lovely ladies, I’m due to have a lumpectomy and minor lobe removal tomorrow morning due to having low grade tubular cancer diagnosed last week,I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has been through similar and can give me some in sight on what to expect regarding pain, recovery etc, I’m feeling ok at the minute and will just be glad to have it all over with and be home tomorrow night on the road to recovery ️Xx

I had that done about 12 months ago and came home feeling a little fragile but not in any real pain. In fact, I didn’t need to take the painkillers I was given. The following day I was walking around and went out for tea. I wore one of those slip over your head bras at night (I’m a big girl!) but didn’t find it affected my sleeping either.


Showering and washing hair is a bit of a problem for a week as you mustn’t lift your affected arm above shoulder height - this is where my husband came in very useful.


Do the exercises they give you and follow the instructions as to how you progress with them.


I was one of the lucky ones as far as problems were concerned - let’s hope that you are too.


Good luck.


PS It does mean no vacuuming or ironing etc as you mustn’t lift anything too heavy so I hope you have someone else to take on those sort of chores.