Lumpectomy complete

Had lumpectomy yesterday. Got out at 5pm . Pain not too bad managing on paracetamol and ibuprofen. Did some exercises this morning. Feel a lot better now the lump has gone . Back to the waiting game now awaiting results and praying for clear margins and no trace in sentinel nodes. Hope your Op went ok KMK. Lou x

Hi Lou, glad you are home and recovering, hope it’s not too long a wait for the results, the waiting is the worst I found. Love Sarah xx

Thanks Sarah. X

I’ve got to wait unti 24th March for mine which seems ages away just want it over with. Glad to hear pain isn’t too bad & you’ve managed to exercise the day after. Wishing you all the best for your results x

Thanks Anita it will come round quickly. The waiting is the worst thing. X

Thanks Seren why such a long wait tI decide if you have chemo?

It’s a mindfield Seren. I am hoping I don’t need Chemo x

Hi Lou. So pleased it went well, rest up and look after yourself xx

Thank you Bottyboo x

Hi Lou, Glad your op went well. As you say back to the waiting game, that’s all we seem to do. Results day for me next Weds. Fingers crossed for us xx

Thanks Jane. Yes the waiting is the worst bit. X

Thanks Bloss I feel ok. A little sore but can manage with pain relief. Going to get a shower today and have a good look at my boob. From what I can see it is very bruised but that was expected. Am chilling at Mams and managing to sleep. X

No date yet Kerry. My boob ok no soreness so far. I am taking paracetamol and ibuprofen so it must be controlling it. I am sleeping ok in addition thankfully. I am doing my exercises and getting looked after by my Mam. Going home tomorrow to get back into a normal routine. Apparently hubby has cleaned the whole house. X

Think my hubby feels left out as I came to Mams to rest following Op Kerry. Left him to sort house children and the dog. He will all out of sorts when I am not there. Enjoy your peace. I am sat with my Dad who has dementia my Mam is nipping put to meet some friends for a cuppa. My nephew their Grandson had just popped in to see us he has a break from college. X

Glad your ops over and hope things are settling down and becoming more comfy x