Lumpectomy follow up - what to ask?

Hi, I had a lumpectomy for low grade DCIS just over a week ago and have my follow up/results call this week. My surgeon has said she doesn’t think I will need radiotherapy. I am worried about it coming back though.

I’m not sure what questions I need to ask, other than were the margins clear. Should I ask about the pathology results?

If anyone has any advice I’d be very grateful. Thanks 


Fingers crossed the results are good but I totally understand your concerns.

I would suggest write down your concerns and questions so you are fully prepared.

I was told from the beginning I would have radiotherapy but I also had full lymph removal as i also had cancer in my lymph nodes.

Dont be afraid to ask for a full explanation for no radiotherapy so you understand the reasoning.

Good luck


Ask about follow up monitoring. Will you be getting annual scans, what sort, etc?