Lumpectomy moved from 10th to 2nd

Spoke to my consultant and a cancellation has come up so she asked me if I’d be happy to come in on Monday.

I said yes, even though it’s going to be tricky as my partner has a hospital appointment at 9am (& can’t currently drive, I’m his taxi) and we’re having carpet fitted in the afternoon

But we will manage with the help of family. 
So I’m currently looking at the freezer, thinking about a food shop and getting a hospital bag sorted! 

Hi Lou, that’s good news…the sooner the op the sooner you can recover. Hope you get the logistics sorted.


Glad to hear you’re home, I’ve been thinking of you. Fingers crossed for your recovery and results. 

I am seeing my surgeon later today, they’ll remove the dressings for her to check all healing according to plan. Was told last week that they may have the pathology reports back too, but trying not to get my hopes up as I know a lot of labs have backlogs.

Take care