Lumpectomy on 25th - what do I need?

Thanks ladies. Am doing OK so far. Got a lovely blue boob! Hope other recovering ladies are OK xx

I have been feeling sore the last couple of days,  but feeling better today!  I have been trying to do the exercises.  At least it’s good weather for loafing at home! 


How’s everyone else feeling? 

Also a little sore today but doing the exercises and going for walks. Got my appointment for results and Oncology discussion. 7th June
Hope everyone else is staying positive and recovering well.

Glad you’re both doing OK. Have done exercises today but really need some sleep. It’s just hot and difficult to get comfortable. But hopefully will sleep better tonight. Got my appt on the 6th June. Hang in there ladies xx

I have been sleeping with a pillow under my right shoulder which I find quite comfy, I have been waking up quite early, just about the same time as the painkillers wear off! 


I hope you have a better night tonight. 


I am back for the results on 30 may, not looking forward to it, but trying not to think too much about it! 

No, I’m trying not to think about it either. Half term next week, so we’re going away for a couple of days which might make it easier to forget about it. I am going to attempt to take the binding thing off later and have a bath / shower. Big hugs all xx

A mini cruise sounds fab and you’ll be feeling better able to enjoy it by then. Managed a sort of Bath/hair wash then walked to get daughter from school but paid for it later. Gonna take it easy today. Look after yourself xx