Lumpectomy on 25th - what do I need?

Hi lovely people :slight_smile:

I have been told my op will be on the 25th May to remove the lump and some lymph nodes.  I realise I will be radioactive and willl turn a bit blue, but what else do I need to know?  Is there anything you’d recommend to take into hospital or for after the op? 

I feel totally unprepared and it doesn’t seem like it’s really all happening.  Any wise words would be gratefully received.

Mand x

Hi. I’d recommend you take a soft no wired bra in for afterwards and also a button up top so you don’t have to worry about putting it through your arm.or your arm up to get it on! Also something sugary to eat, I was.only given tea and toast and didn’t help that my blood pressure was low… I didn’t turn blue! I was slightly grey and extremely tired. I was having to see alot afterwards! And it was green/blue for about 2 days afterwards. But I was drinking lots of water x Hope your operation goes well xx

Soft crop tops.  I also bought a nice post op bra from Debenhams which has been useful now I’m going for walks.

adhesive dressing hyperallergenic from boots.  They are in a turquisy greeny box.  You will need to change your under arm dressings - they get too niffy.


flannels to wash on that side round boob and pit.  I bought some lovely ‘everything’ free watermelon soap which is healing for skin.  It’s really nice.  


The boob won’t trouble you much.  What will hurt and be strange is under arm.  Stockpile paracetamol and neurofen.  I find if I take two neurofen just before bed I get a good night sleep.


really good quality aloe vera gel which I’ve been rubbing on my under arm and over blisters left by strapping and dressings - has really cleared them up. Lots of people find they get allergic to dressings so epiderm cream (Boots) works well.  Get some antihistamines as well as this controls the itch.


i thought I wouldn’t be able to raise my arm but I can to get a top on but I recommend button front pjs (wash a few times first to soften them up) for the first couple of days.


fill the freezer and do all cleaning before you go in.


wet wipes for round the arm area.  You do niff a bit afterwards.  Nice smelling cream to go not near scars but round the area to try and mask the hospital pong.


drink pot you can fill with water for beside your bed.


magazines, books.  I’ve just read Amy Snow. Was really good and not too cerebal but diverting enough.  Later on, I’ve been cod compressing under arm and that’s really helped with the weird feeling under there.  Feels normal now until I forget and stretch for something.


the radioactive stuff is really easy process and no worse than lying down for forty mins.  The worse bit was faffing around with the gowns!  


Green wee after the op is rather fun.  My boob is not blue at all so I think it affects people differently.


good luck.  Just don’t do too much too soon (glares at self).  You feel fine so then go out for a bit then have to have a two hour nap?

Hi everyone.
Your advice and comments are very helpful. I have my op on 23rd and had a bit of a melt down/panic attack today !
This is an amazing support group.
Thank you all

Be for strange colour poo too LoL :slight_smile:


Mine went very grey :slight_smile:


There is lot wiating, so anything that distracts from this.


I used aloe vera wet wipes and gel to cleanse, soothe and refresh my skin.


My surgeon used glue not stitches, told not to get it wet, but was quite resilient.


I used ibuprofen gel on breast to ease soreness, as it is sore not just where wounds are.


Do tell nurses if worried about anything before during or after.


Take in an overnight bag just in case you need to stay in.


Also soft pillow to place in front of seat belt and breast on way home, it really helps. :slight_smile:


If in pain tell them, as they will help.


I think others sugested everything else.


We all different though, so just like when having a baby, go with what your body says for you.


I was whacked by op for nearly two weeks, so take it easy if you can.



Also eat and drink plently and take medicine if needed to go to the toilet. Because of the anthestic and painkillers I was very constipated and actually blocked my toilet. Took me a week to go properly! And it bloody took ages and hurt! X

Yes, get some senna or other constipation remedy.


i’ve just driven the car (twirls). Made husband come with me and just drove a short way to pick up son from activity.  But it was fine.   My boob scar is itching like bonkers so got utterly fed up and have just taken off the dressing.  Was worried about what it would look like but actually, it’s not that bad.  Still can’t stop the itching though.

Hi all,

  Has anyone had a lumpectomy (involving nipple removal, as the tumour is behind it) and a reduction on the other breast? I ve just opted for this today, op on june 1st. it’s all starting to feel a little more real now.

  thanks for all the excellent hospital advice ,

Zara x

Hi.  Have had nipple removed.  No reductuion on other breast which is rather droopy compared to the operated one which is still bruised so more globular.  I took the dressing off today and thought there might be a big pit or crater but not.  I wonder whether the knitting together of the join has given me a bit of a lift!


anyway.  It’s not a total car crash and if the sodding itching will stop then I can start to own the new look boob. I thought it would be a lot worse than it is and the husband didn’t tur pn a funny colour either!

MabdR, I had a WLE with full LN removal, but no dye job by for me ! I think you’ve got a great list here, but I would add slip on shoes, unless someone else is dressing you as bending down and squashing the booby to do the laces is not good. Also I borrowed a tiny cushion for under the seat belt. I knew I would have a drain in, so looked out a small, long handled canvas shopper to pop it in for the journey home. Some hospitals give them out, some ladies buy theirs . I found it essential around the house as I could sling it on my shoulder with hairbrush, lippy, I pad, book etc. If you look at previous threads there is one on hospitals. All the best.x

I had my lumpectomy last Tuesday, I took the advice of everyone on here and packed an overnight bag (just in case) but got home that evening. The soft bra top was my Best Buy, got a few now and I will stick to wearing them even once I’m healed I think. I took some magazines to pass the time and button front Jammie’s.

Thanks everyone - I will make a list and start getting sorted ( I love a list!).  Good advice re: wipes etc I hadn’t thought of that.  And yes, I’m planning on cleaning, cooking, cutting the grass etc early next week :slight_smile:

Jintz - hope everything goes ok on the 23rd x

Ladies who are recovering from ops - am sending you speedy get well vibes x

Thanks MandR. I’ll report back afterwards. Thanks for all the far. Actually wish it was next week already and op was over !
Take care all.

Good luck for tomorrow Jintz.  Hope you’re doing ok.  My op is on 24th (wed) now and am in at 7am so am hoping to be home again in the afternoon/evening.  I’m nervous  - never had to be in hospital, have an operation or general anaesthetic before.  x

Good luck MandR. I hope and pray it all goes well for you. Try to think positive as I have found that anxiety is the biggest cause of stress.
Let us know how you get on.

All the very best on 24! I’ll be thinking and praying for you

Thanks, hope you’re doing OK x

I had my lumpectomy yesterday, i had my lymph node biopsy a couple of weeks ago. Stayed in over night, pleased to be home! My top tip is make sure everything is within easy reach,  mine is on the right hand side and of course I am right handed!  I had water in a sports bottle, blueberries for munching, take earplugs or headphones incase you have a shouty person in the ward (I didn’t get much sleep! ), I took some rescue remedy things to help me sleep (which I left out of reach), magazines,  boots cucumber wipes are really good and gentle.  I can’t sleep on my back after a spinal fusion,  but the nurse put a pillow under my right shoulder which was really comfy.  Also make sure you can reach your buzzer and bed controls.  I had blow up things on my legs so couldn’t get up without being disconnected which was a pain, so had to get organised before getting back into bed. Also agree with the others tips. I also should have practiced left handed texting, it was very frustrating! 


Hope all ops go well,  I am sore but not as bad as I was expecting! 

Thanks eggster x hope you are doing OK. I am left handed and op was on my left side so am also finding typing on my phone a challenge :wink:
I’m home after lump removed and a couple of lymph nodes. I had to be in at 7am so no food since 8:30 last night but wasn’t in theatre until 4:30pm. Was struggling a bit from lack of food but OK now. Blue wee has entertained my 6 year old!
Jintz I hope you’re OK xx

I hope you lovely ladies are recovering well after your operations. Sending a virtual hug x