Lumpectomy or mastectomy?

Hello everyone,

I had high grade DCIS left breast 8 years ago, 2 wide area excisions it was 4cm rather than 4mm detected on mammogram. Had radiotherapy and boost. Now DCIS high grade right breast MRI found 8cm and second area, biopsies confirm so far DCIS only. I was originally offered removal of tissue reduction and uplift, with proposed surgery on left to match. I have now been told that this may not be possible due to previous radiotherapy, and surgery planned for lumpectomy, it’s in inner quadrant and would be visible scar.
I’m all over the place thinking whether I’d be better off to have mastectomy. Also further confused as been referred to genetics but that appointment and results not for several months.
Anyone going through, been through similar? Thanks  

Hi Karen , very hard decision .Sounds like  you have a lot of uncertainty surrounding your current cancer and then genetics too . Such a shame you have to wait so long for the genetic testing .

What is your surgeon advising ? 

I would ask for mastectomy. Mine found more areas of DCIS than had been shown on the MRI so was told after surgery that mastectomy was a ‘good call’. I still remain dubious about my other ‘healthy’ breast though.