Lumpectomy or mastectomy

I have recently been diagnosed with 3 cancerous lumps in my left breast. One on outer edge of my breast under my arm and two at the bottom, the largest being 11mm.  At present I have been told I have the choice of lumpectomy, although this may change after my MRI.  
I Continually flit back and forth about what might be the better option.  I’m worried about reoccurrence if I opt for a lumpectomy but on the other hand I’m worried about recovery and reconstruction if I opt for a mastectomy. I’m so worried I will make the wrong decision.

Morning Carole,

firstly, wishing you lots of luck with the decision you make. Having had both a mastectomy 5years ago on the right side, didn’t need radiotherapy or chemotherapy afterward, last November had lumpectomy on the right side followed by radiotherapy for me I found recovery much quicker from the lumpectomy. As you say the MRI may make the decision for you. Speak with you consultant and breast cancer nurse. Hugs brave lady 

keep well and safe Tili xx

Hi Carole, whatever decision you make must be right for you. I was diagnosed three years ago and immediately asked for the breast to be removed. I could think of nothing worse than my body having this ugly intruder. My surgeon, bless him, spent a long time explaining options backed by research. In my case ( 1 largeish tumour near nipple, ER+ HR-) the survival rate with a lumpectomy Is no different to a mastectomy. Treatment is always patient led, but I found it hard to absorb everything thrown at me. I did find what i think is a cracking solution for difficult questions…I held my surgeons hand, looked him dead in the eye and asked…” if I was your mum would you send her this route?” Without hesitation he said yes. This allowed me to sign the paperwork with great confidence. Obviously you have more to consider if it’s a mastectomy such as reconstruction, but as I was 70 at the time I wasn’t going to do that as I felt I had little time left! Also, I only needed my boobs to feed my babies and I’d done that!!! I found the lumpectomy very easy. No probs with surgery, and good anaesthetics were a blessing. Good luck with your decision. :four_leaf_clover: :bouquet: