Lumpectomy question


I had a lumpectomy just over 2 weeks ago and had my dressing removed yesterday. I have 2 scars … one for my lymph nodes and one to remove a 17mm tumour. So this is probably nothing compared to a lot of you.

I was just wondering if I can put some cream on the scars or something like bio oil? They feel kind of itchy or weird. I cant really describe it but I would like something soothing if possible.

Thanks in advance 

Hello @Melville  

I don’t think there will be any harm in putting some moisturiser or similar on your scars at this point. Personally I didn’t put anything particular on mine other than my usual moisturiser (& then put loads on when I had my radiotherapy)  and 6 months on from my surgery they have shrunk quite considerably and are barely noticeable 

AM xxx

I had similar surgery almost 3 weeks ago.  My MacMillan nurse told not to put anything on the scar itself for 3 weeks but just around it.  I’m intending to use Bio oil on the scar but I think you need to wait 6 weeks according to their website.  I will ask further when I’m at my follow up appointment tomorrow. x