Lumpectomy Tomorrow - advice please

Hi there

Am having a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy tomorrow - just looking for advice on recovery really - anything that really helped with your physical and mental wellbeing 

Am particularly nervous about the scars and how it might make me feel about myself - so any advice really welcome 


Hello @PriceyBoo  

I had a lumpectomy and SNB 18 months ago. 
Thankfully it was all very straightforward for me (which I think is probably the case for most people) my scars are barely noticeable (especially under my arm) and my breast scar follows the edge of my nipple. 
In medical terms it is a relatively “minor procedure” and my anaesthetic was only for around an hour. Even though I was quite late back to the ward I managed to get home that evening. Personally I wasn’t in much pain and followed instructions to keep myself “topped up” for the first 24/36 hours but I was fine after that. 
I made sure I followed the exercises for my shoulder and am happy to report I have no movement issues now. 
My best advice for recovery is patience: the post operative exercise advice may seem quite minimal (especially if you are someone who exercises regularly) but do stick to it and try not to do too much, whilst the visible scars may appear to heal quickly you must remember there is also healing going on inside the body and a lot of your body’s energy reserves will be used in the healing process: hence you will feel quite tired and fatigued even with what seems like the smallest of things. 
Good luck tomorrow I hope it all goes well, I would suggest taking a variety of things to keep you occupied as you may find yourself waiting around and not necessarily feeling as distracted by one particular thing 

AM xxx