Lumpectomy yesterday

I had my lumpectomy yesterday so am feeling quite sore this morning. I went in for 7. Had my sentinel node put in at 9:30 and then my op at 1. As I was very nervous the anaesthetist went out of his way to reassure me that everything was going to be OK. (I had a bad experience of being put to sleep when I was 12 at the dentist and this was making me very scared)He made sure I was completely calm and happy with what was going to happen.
They wheeled me in at 1 and we were talking about being on the beach and that was it. I don’t remember anything else. I was allowed home at 4:45.
I diddnt sleep at all last night so was up at 4 this morning having pain killers as my underarm incision was really hurting. I’m going to attempt the warm up exercises today. Got the hubby doing the hoovering which was good to watch. My mother in law is going to come and sit with me as he is going to work today. She is looking after the children for me which is easier.
Hopefully this will reassure someone who is nervous about this procedure. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.
Best wishes to you all x

Hi Sonya, thanks for this. I have my lumpectomy next Friday and getting a bit nervous now so it’s very reassuring reading your post. 


I’m having to stay in for at least one night because I have MS but hopefully there won’t be problems & I can come home next day.


Hope your recovery is quick & straighforward. 


Best wishes, Pat xx

Hello Sonya, glad you’re back home and ok.  Yes, funnily enough I found underarm was much sorer than the lumpectomy.  I took all the painkillers offered to keep it all at bay and found I was clockwatching until I could take the next lot!  Then could gradually ease off.  Well done for doing the exercises, I remember very gingerly moving my arm up and it certainly got easier day by day. Glad you’ve got help, but take it easy. xxx

I had the same done 2 weeks ago, lumpectomy and sentinel node removal, I had to have a wire fitted first as the problem could not be felt but was picked up on a routine Mammogram. I was also dreading it and very nervous but I recovered from it much quicker than I thought I would. I have found that where the nodes were removed has been worse than the where the actual lump was removed. I get my results this afternoon and am feeling really worried. Anyone else who is waiting to have this done its please be reassured that it is really not a bad as you might think.

Good luck and best wishes to you all xx

So glad to hear sonyacheet - and the pain will go away, too. Brave lady!

Hi Sonia,


I was thinking about you yesterday. You may remember my pre op was same day as yours and my lumpectomy was supposed to be yesterday but got postponed to next Wednesday as Breast Surgeon was going to a conference or something and it was to be her registrar performing the surgery but as I have never met the registrar I opted for delaying it by a week.


Hope the pain has eased a little. What pain relief did you need if your don’t mind me asking? Did the hospital give you anything? At least that’s it done and out of the way. I’m getting more scared by the day now!


Pat, I’m having mine next Wednesday, two days before you. I will post the day after and let you all know how it went. I’m staying in overnight as I live alone.


Libby, hope your appointment this afternoon went well.


Good luck and Best wishes to all of you on this thread.


Hazel. x

Hi Hazel,
Yes I remember you and have thought about how you are getting on. I was given paracetamol and codiene phosphate. I was up at 4 this morning taking them. I have had shooting pain under my arm which is quite hard to deal with. They have put glue over the incisions and am due back on the 17th for a drop in clinic. I should then get the op results the week commencing the 23Rd. The op was not as scary as I thought it would be and like I said in my first post the anaesthatist was really reassuring. It’s the recovery which takes time and is a little bit scarier.
Good luck in your surgery. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on next week xx
Thanks also to the other ladies who replied to my thread.
Good luck and a speedy recovery to you all
Love Sonya xx

I had mine lumpectomy yesterday too.
I’m feeling fine and everything went smoothly. I feel as though I’m one step closer to getting back to normal. I feel relieved knowing the tumour has gone. ( hopefully with clear margins )
So wishing you well and best positive thoughts to you all xx

Hope your operation went well and Walter is no more xx

Hello All - am scheduled to have a lumpectomy this Thursday and am alternating between panic and calm at the moment.  I’m keen to get it done, but also very nearvous and still in a bit of a state of disbelief as this whole process has been so fast (mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy done 6th June, confirmed as cancerous on the 13th June - op on the 30th!) so it is so re-assuring and helpful to feel that there are (unfortunately) other people who understand what I am going through.  Reading your positive posts is quite calming - so thank you all.  I hope all your surgeries and treatments go well and I wish you all a speedy recovery.

best wishes



Hi Jo. I hope your surgery goes well.  I was dreading it when I had my lumpectomy but to be honest it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting.  Are you having any lymph nodes removed as well? I had 5 removed and this was more painful to recover from than the actual lumpectomy.  If you are make sure you do the exercises regularly as it will help you to recover quicker.  On a practical note, I used babywipes to clean around the dressing for the first few days as I was so worried about the dressing getting wet and coming off. I was also told by the nurse to take regular paracetemol as it would help with healing.  I did unfortunately have to have a re-excision 2 weeks later due to unclear margins and so the original wound was opened up but it healed really quickly afterwards.  It’s good that things are being done quickly for you, less time hanging around waiting for things to get moving! Good luck! Michelle x

Hi Jo

Good to read your post as it appears we are on similar paths.

initial appt on 6/6 told 99.9% sure it’s bc. Biopsy results on 13/6 confirmed it.

unfortunately I only have my WLE inc removal of nipple due to lump placement on 12/7 plus SNB so many sleepless nights and hours of worrying to go yet!

im frightened of having a general anaesthetic but equally want this thing out now so wish it was sooner! Guess the waiting for the results of the op is going to be difficult too.

glad you’re op went well and you are feeling ok, hope mine goes equally as smoothly!