is it normal to feel so tired after two and a half weeks after op i feel so tired and ill i don,t understand it

Personally. Not for me. I found the anc hurt like hell, but the wle was fine after a week or so. I had a re-ex too, and that was not a problem.
If you have had other treatment, that could contribute to fatigue.

Id say its completely normal. Its only been two and a half weeks! Youll have had a general anaesthetic which takes a while to recover from, and your body will be reeling from the shock of surgery, going “Blah, whats happened?”
I had what I thought was a small lump (1.5 cms) removed two years ago and now, later down the line, was told by a lymphodema nurse she estimated 1/3rd of my breast had been removed! You dont know this for a while, the swelling takes a long time to subside.
Added to this is the shock and roller coaster feelings of your diagnosis. So take it easy, rest when you need to. Are you having any other treatment?
We women expect a lot of ourselves. Now is the time to give your body a chance to recover, put yourself first.
Aunt Mimsy says so!

Hi Roseric,
Dont worry about feeling tired, listen to your body and do as it says— Tired, then rest.
I felt off colour for 3 weeks following my lumpectomy last year.
Because other folk cant see you covered in bandages or plaster of paris, they assume nothing is wrong, but your body is coping with an amazing shock to the system so be kind to yourself.

Get your mates and family to pamper you ,chick

thankyou for your kind comments i will be starting tamoxifen i think today i have to get perscription today and then rads start 16th jan i know these can make you tired feeling a little better now went for a walk yesterday helped immensley sorry about spelling anyway hope your all feeling good thanks again xx