Hello everyone one my name is Emma and I’m 35. My cancer is shrinking hurray and I’ve done 4 chemotherapy out of 8. I’m hoping that on my next assessment I just am told that I will have surgery and no more chemo. I am supposed to have a lumpectomy after the 8th chemo. Has any one had a lumpectomy and can you tell me what happens. I just wanted a person going through it point of view. Thank you everyone x

Hi, I am nearly 3 weeks post lumpectomy. The op itself isn’t too bad, about an hour in theatre. I had mine at 4pm and was leaving hospital at 7.30pm. I was last in :(. Next day I felt fine, but then I had an ifection and over the days a build up of seroma so had to have it drained a couple of times. But speaking ot the other ladies everyone else had no problems so I must of been the unlucky one!! My lymph node biopsy has been the most painful, I wasn’t expecting that. the good thing is my scar is underneath my boob so no one will see it. :smiley:

Hi Em,I had similar experience to Nicki.Op is not that major or painful ,most painful is removal of lymph nodes under arm, not surgery to boob.Risk of fluid build up (Seroma ) but that can be drained by nurse.Its not something to be too stressed about at all.My husband commented “I thought you’d be a lot more laid up than this”…,

Thank you Nicki and Jill that makes me feel a bit better ? I’m guessing from what Nicki said you don’t stay in over night. Also lymph nodes mine are fine do I still need this done? My cancer is at the point of fragmention I have been told and I have a marker inside my boob.

No you don’t stay in overnight.I think they take everyone’s sentinel nodes (the nodes that the cancer drains into (between 1 and 4 )) to test just in case they have not picked up on ultrasound any potential spread.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me everyone I feel so much better knowing about this from people having gone through this.
Hope you are all better soon and continue to get stronger and stronger xx

Thanks everyone. My last chemo now is the 14th January and my op is on the 18th February. Spoken to the surgeon and feel a bit better about it. Though all you guys helped a lot too ? month after my op been told 3 weeks mon to Fri of radiotherapy I hope after that… that is the end…

Thank you Nickif. I hope your treatment is going to plan and you’re on road to recovery too xx