Just had a lumpectomy done on Tuesday .in a bit of pain the bruising is incrediable. The lump was very deep inside my breast so had trouble having the wire fitted before the operation 2 hours later. .the pain stabbing and burning feeling. Anyone have this as well . Keeps me awake. Can t get comfortable to sleep .

Hi Norn,

I am sorry that you havent had a reply to your post yet. While you are waiting you may find it helpful to speak with one of our specialists on the free Helpline, [0808 800 6000](tel:0808 800 6000). Our helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, and Saturday from 9am to 1pm. 

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Hi Norn, I’m sorry we’ve not picked up on your post until now, we do try to respond to everyone as soon as possible. 

It’s normal to be black and blue after a lumpectomy, I certainly was and had some pain and discomfort and it would wake me if I turned over in the night but it soon settled down, could be due to you have a deep lump that you have a lot of internal bruising as well. 


Of course if your concerned I would suggest you ring the clinic as they would be happy to see you and check all is ok but it is completely normal to feel stinging, stabbing and burning pain initially.

i hope you are feeling better soon xx Jo 

Hi Norn. Like you my lump was very deep and at the back of the breast. At the last minute on the day of my operation they sent for radioactive isotopes and injected these into breast so surgeon could better find the lump. I was every shade of the rainbow for a good 4 to 5 weeks and I am still blue from the dye injection 8 weeks post operation. I had that stabbing and burning feeling that kept me awake but found if I kept up with the pain relief it was easier to manage I’m still getting symptoms but much less often usually if I have had a long drive or I’m tired. I think I have learnt that you need to be kind to yourself and rest up don’t try to do to much. Physically and mentally you have been through and are still going through a lot so don’t push yourself keep taking the pain killers and and rest up xx

Thank you macnulcc for your reply.- Yes it is still early days for me 5 days . So much bruising it is amazing like you say every colour of the rainbow. Today has been a better day not had as much pain.and managed to bath myself with is a great feeling lol.
Yes I get what you say about been kind to your self I do try to do to much at once need to learn to slow it down. Emotionally I have had a few teary days which i was told to expect. One day at a time small steps .
Thank you Noreen

Thank you Berna
I will give the line a call tomorrow to have a chat .

Jobey68- thanks you . Yes the stabbing burning pain has gone just got a slight burning when I move. But feel g loads better today pain wise.