hi everyone, i am booked in to have a lumpectomy 24th april but not quite sure what to expect.after having 2 fna’s in the past 18 months have been told my lump is a first fna came back c1 so i pushed for another,wasn’t told the grading of the second just that it was benign.have booked a week off work,not sure if it’s necessary although my job is quite physical.when they remove the lump will it be send it off for testing to double check it’s benign.the lump is about the size of a pea,my breasts are a cup size B,will there be much scarring after the op.thank you in advance for any wise words. kelly x

Hi Kelly

I had a Wire Local Excision last year (not sure if its the same as you?) . First of all they mammogrammed then I went in for ultrasound and a wire was inserted to direct the surgeon to the right area (Im not sure if you will have to have that as I had microcalcification and fibroadenoma). I had quite a bit of wire hanging out which they strapped securely. Then waited a couple of hours and was taken down for removal.

I wasnt in a lot of pain after, just uncomfortable really, turning over in bed etc. My boob was lots of different colours though. Im not sure when you would be able to go back to work, I would ask. My scar is about 1 inch long and a year on is a bit pinky still but they position it on or near as possible to your bra line so you can still wear vest tops and such.

Hope you get on ok
let us know

Yvonne xx

thanks yvonne, is that how they remove the lump.ithought they would just use a scalpel.never had an operation before.been told it’s being done as a day case.not had an opportunity to speak to surgeon yet.sounds silly but am actually looking forward to it.had to push to get the lumpectomy,even a benign lump in my breast feels scary. xx

have just googled lumpectomy and am rather a lumpectomy the same as a WLE.will they just take the lump out or an area of surrouding tissue aswell.


I think the wire may have been for the calcification so Im not sure if you will need it. I was in and out in one day, felt a bit dopey (nothing unusual) but otherwise fine.

I agree with you, I think fibroadenomas should be removed. I have quite a dent but I think that my lump was quite big plus the area of calcification and margins. Even so it doesnt notice when I am wearing clothing.

Yvonne xx