Lumps and bumps.

Good evening all,

I am just posting in the hope I might be able to get some advice. The thing is I found a lump in my right breast 3 weeks ago followed by a smaller lump in my armpit a week later. Due to family history my auntie and cousin both dying from BC I went straight to see my G.P only to be told to return in 4 weeks to see if the lumps disappear. So three weeks on the lumps are still present only the original lump does feel larger than it was 3 weeks ago. I was under the impression that I was told to go back in 4 weeks due to some women getting lumps and bumps during their menstrual cycle, only the problem with me is I haven’t had a cycle since 12th October 2011. I have another appointment next week to see my G.P so not much longer to wait but I am driving myself mad with worry. I know BC is unusual in younger women ( I am 27) trouble is my cousin died ages 29 only 4 months after dx this was after 16 months of being fobbed off by her doctor because of her young age. Sorry to go on a bit I’m just terrifying myself probably overthinking things.

Thank you in advance for any replies
melissa xx

Hi Melissa

You’re clearly still worried, so see if you can get a cancellation from your GP. When you get there, push for an urgent referral to the local breast clinic. “Urgent” doesn’t mean “it’s cancer”, just that you will be seen within 2 weeks so less waiting. Make a big deal of your family history with your GP because that is what is giving you big worries.

You might also find it helpful to call the helpline in the morning. They’re brilliant and very knowledgeable.

Couple of other things: don’t go mad with Google. There’s lots of out of date stuff and stuff that’ll try to sell you things, stick to reputable sites if you need to trawl.

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A SILLY QUESTION. Ask whatever’s bothering you. None of us knew anything about this beforehand, and only found out what’s what by asking questions, even supposedly silly ones.

Feel free to use the forums as much as you like. There are sections for younger women, for different types of cancer, for people like you who are in “The Waiting Room” (which is, incidentally THE WORST place to be!)



Hi Melissa

I’m sorry to read you’re having such a difficult time at the moment.
As chocciemuffin has mentioned it might help to give the BCC helpline a call and talk things through with a trained member of staff. Here you can share your concerns with some who will offer you emotional support as well as practical infromation. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm and Saturday 9 to 2pm.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Thanks Choccie,
well I have an appointment on Wednesday with my G.P again. She did say she would refer me to breast clinic if the lumps are still there which they are. I googled once which is how I found this forum and to be honest I haven’t looked back. Just Reading about everyone and how you all cope so well is so helpful and I admire your positivity. I will post again once I know what’s going on. Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it xx

Afternoon all,
I have been referred to breast clinic and my G.P says I will be seen within two weeks. I have noticed that the nipple on the breast in question seems to be turning towards the right almost as if it’s pointing towards my arm. No pain or discomfort at all unless my hyperactive 5 year old son jumps on me. Can this happen with with the nipple with benign breast conditions? I have coped quite well these past few weeks but now the referral for breast clinic has been done I’m a bit nervous to say the least.

Thanks in advance for listening
melissa xx