Lumps and moles, need advice

Hi, everyone. It’s my first post here and hopefully my last, LOL.

I’m female, 21, and never had cancer. It all started in mid April when I noticed a pair of lumps in my right breast, one hard and one soft and moveable. I panicked about it for about a month, until the hard lump disappeared, leaving just the soft one.

This eased my anxieties for a bit, but after a while I started wondering why the second lump wasn’t going away. Even so, I convinced myself that it was just a cyst or fibroadenoma and that I didn’t need to scare my mother about it. (side note: I’m autistic and currently unable to drive or make my own appointments.)

This continued on and off for several months. I’d panic about the lump, convince myself it’s getting bigger, then convince myself it’s actually getting smaller and isn’t a big deal, feel a random bodily sensation, convince myself it’s cancer-related, rinse and repeat.

Well, much more recently I’ve noticed that breast has grown several new lumps, all moveable but very large, and that breast has a slightly changed shape. If I had to describe it, it looks a bit more square than the other. Furthermore, I’ve been getting a bunch of weird pimples and moles on my right breast, chest, and right shoulder. (I think there are some on my back, as well, but it’s hard to tell.)

Needless to say, I’ve been freaking out to the moon and back, practically convinced I’ve waited so long that cancer has spread from my breast to my skin. I finally spoke up to my mom about it back in late July, and she’s looking for a doctor for me now.

I’m kicking myself for not speaking up and having it looked at much earlier, because the possibility of having metastatic breast cancer has shaken me. I’ve been trying to remain positive, though; I know that cancer is very rare for people my age, and I suspect it could just be fibrocystic breast symptoms. If it isn’t any trouble, though, could I have some advice and some positive stories while I wait? I also wouldn’t mind knowing what to expect in the event that it does turn out to be cancer.

TL;DR, I’ve got a lumpy boob and a bunch of moles. Waited way too long to find a doctor. Please tell me I’m going to be okay. :sob:

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I’m sorry this is happening. I understand the worry and obsessing. I can’t tell you it’s nothing. You definitely should get seen immediately for mammogram and ultrasound if needed. If they see something suspicious the
Next step is to biopsy and wait for those results. Biopsy they give local anesthetic, I was afraid but it was worse in my mind then the actual procedure. Better to know now and get treated early if it’s anything. I am currently breast cancer stage 2b. Invasive ductal carcinoma. In chemotherapy. I found mine when I felt a lump in armpit. About 15 years ago I had a biopsy done and it was a benign fibroadenoma (not cancer) So you just gotta get checked. First step get appt asap.


Dear Losterfins,

Welcome to the forum, we are all here for you. Firstly well done for involving your mum to support you, also to get things moving let hope you get a referral from your GP asap.

As you pointed out you are very young, however you need to be seen by the Breast Cancer team so they can assess your problem and get treatment moving for you.

The breast Cancer nurses on this site, very kind understanding I feel maybe while you’re waiting you could give them a call for chat I feel sure they will point you in the right direction.

Wishing you well going forward please keep posting letting us know how you’re doing

Biggest hugs. Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Thanks for the kind words and advice, you two. Today my mom scheduled a women’s health exam for September 1st, meaning I’ll have a breast exam and my first Pap test in a little under 3 weeks. I wish it could be sooner so I could have it over with. Until then, I’ll be doing my best to manage my anxiety. I’ll keep everyone posted :+1: :+1:


Quick update. When we went to the doctor, they told us last minute that they don’t take our insurance. So, unfortunately, we have to find another doctor. No clue how long that’ll take, but I’m pretty disappointed nonetheless since I was itching to have it over with today. :pensive:
Luckily, my symptoms don’t seem to be getting any worse—not rapidly, anyway. In any case, I’ll keep you all updated.

I agree, it sounds as though all your worrying is a lot worse than taking that first step. If it is cyst it can be drained and the worry will go away. If it isn’t then it is best to start the process of making you better.

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