Lumps in armpits which come and go?

I’m in my early thirties and suffering with intermittent lumps. The lumps are mainly in my left armpit and are very tender at times. I assumed it was to do with being ill/time of the month, but they seem to have become far more frequent lately. I don’t know whether it’s possible that I can be getting ill and having raised lymph glands this frequently without ever feeling ill. Over the past few months I tend to get a lump for a few days/a week, then a few days lump free, then lump comes back etc. I generally don’t feel an actual lump, just notice that my armpit is sore again and can then find a lump if I search for it. When these lumps are here, my left breast often also feels achey and sore but I can’t find a lump in it. I sometimes get a sore armpit on my right side too but it’s less frequent. 

I’ve also been noticing that my left breast gets quite itchy lately. I only wear soft stretchy bras so I’m not irritated by material and the skin on my breast looks no different. I just feel this itching around the centre/nipple area which doesn’t stop when I scratch it. My nipple looks exactly the same and there’s no rash or dry skin.

I don’t want to go if it’s not necessary but I am becoming a bit concerned. My mother in law had lumps in her neck which seemed to come and go and her GP brushed her off because the lumps weren’t constant but they did turn out to be cancerous. I was referred to the hospital at 18 for breast lumps which hadn’t gone after four months. Luckily, all was fine and the lump had gone by the time of my appointment. The doctor was quite patronising and told me that breasts can change throughout the month and I don’t need an appointment for this. I did try to explain that I’d had it for four months by the time I saw my GP but it’s not something I want to repeat.

Hi @splinter   - It’s great to just hear you are being breast “aware”, lovey.

I am in NO way wishing to scare, but you’re now a little bit older than 18. Yes, it MAY all be down to monthly hormone changes. The fact that your lumps and nipple changes “come and go”, would tend to indicate such. But if I were you, I would ask to have it checked out. I’m very much a “Just to be on the safe side” kinda girl.

Hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about for you.    Delly  xXx

Honestly, if you have any update in the future on what could be causing this could you let me know?

My sister has been having the same problem with a lump under one her armpits that come and go that’s in pain. She does the exact same thing that you do as well. She doesn’t notice it till theres pain, and then she has to go look for it. Doctors haven’t been helpful at all with it. 

I hope you get the answers you’re looking for, and I wish you good luck as well! Let’s hope it’s nothing serious! I’ll also send something if I hear anything new about it.