Lumps in breast post surgery

Hi all, 2 weeks ago I had a benign lump removed from my right breast. I’ve been cut a round the nipple. After a week I managed to have a feel of my boob and it felt more lumpy than it did before! I had one noticeable lump before that could clearly be felt, 1 lump showed on the scan, now around the operation site I have about 4 lumps. I cwll e breast nurses and they said this is normal but I can’t help
But worry. Did anyone else experience this?

Hi Suzie, it is normal to have lumpy scar tissue after the operation, my insision is around my nipple too and i have several lumps now which I didn’t before, all perfectly normal and they do soften and settle down as time goes on , I hope this helps to put your mind at rest Xx Jo 


Thanks so much for your response. I have no one around me to talk to who has been through this so the post surgery lumps have been making me worry xx

My lumps are quite big. Some the size of a peanut x

Hi everyone, so I am now 5 months post surgery and all lumps have really settled down since I posted in here 2 weeks after surgery, however I do still have one big lump, I’ve had this since the surgery and it hasn’t gone away. I’m a very anxious person and it’s really bothering me. Is this just scar tissue? Where I’ve been discharged from hospital I can’t call them?! Everyone telling me it will just be scar tissue but has anyone else had this?

I thought were the lump they removed was not cancer that if anything further concerns me then I have to go back to docs and be referred again. 3 weeks post op check I pointed out that these lumps were bothering me and they said it’s normal but I am so anxious over everything this whole ordeal has landed me on anxiety pills xx

Yes benign xx