Hi, I’m 18 and was laying down the other night with my boyfriend and he was massaging my breast because they feel really sore all the time, and while doing so he told me they felt really lumpy. I got my sister to feel them because I wasn’t sure if that’s how boobs are supposed to feel. She said no. I also have these swollen little balls in my armpits and one in my pelvic area is that has to do with anything. I have my appointment for a mammogram in less then an hour, but I’m just confused. I’m not sick?

Hi Baieyfought

I am sorry that you havent had a response yet from any users.  You may want to consider posting somewhere else on the Forum such as Have I got breast cancer? or Ask Our Nurses.

I hope your appointment went well and your fears have been alleived.  If not do think about posting or calling our free Helpline 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer