lumpy scar

i am again looking for some advice- my mum had a WLE and now has a lumpy area on the scar on her breast, the surgeon and onc have looked at it and said it is scar tissue, but i am not convinced. how do they know? is there anything they can do to put our mind at ease

Hello Jojo
I had a WLE last December and have had a lumpy area under my scar for several months now. The onc said it was probably scar tissue but I carried on worrying about it and so eventually went back to the surgeon who also said it was probably scar tissue but arranged for an ultra sound. The radiologist said that he is 98% sure that it is in fact scar tissue. He could only make 100% sure by doing a biopsy but they decided not to do one.

If you and your mum are still worrying why not ask for an ultrasound?
Best wishes

Hi Ladies

Can I add my experience, not to panic you, just to give some thought.

After my first dx I had a lumpectomy followed by chemo and rads. The rad caused my breast to harden. 18 months later the breast tissue started to soften. August 15th (You always remember dates once DX’d) I felt a lump on my scar line. This was only one lump, it was long rather than oval or round. As soon as I touched it I knew it was the return of my cancer, it was gut feeling. I tried to pass it off as scar tissue, I had an appointment with the breast clinic on 22.8.07 (My six months check up) so I pointed this out to the consultant. His words were ‘I am too long in the tooth to ignore this, although this is long, not the usual shape of cancer I am going to have it biopsied’.

By 24th August I knew the results, it was cancer and I had a mastectomy 4 weeks ago. My point behind telling you this? where as your doctors do have experience in BC and that you say ‘lumpy scar’ rather than a ‘lump’ can be felt, if you are still worried ask for a biopsy, its your mind and body and what physical harm can it do to have one?

I can only add if your gut instinct tells you something believe it! Tell the doctor its a gut feeling you will be surprised how many will be swayed by that comment.

Good luck.