Lung metastasis symptoms.

Dear all,

I have a persistant caugh for one week which gets worst at night. I don’t have sore through or any kind of pain, tt is just this ennoying couagh. I came accros some information about lung metastasis and caugh which seems to be one of the symptoms. I just wanted to ask those of you who have lung met which were your symptoms. I will try to get an appointment with my GP but I am truly dreading this as to get an appoitment in my surgery is just hell and health care prpfessionals in there seems to have gaing their qualifications in a tombola.

I have lung mets and the only symptom I had was a tiny lump under my arm which caused investigation.
Can you not by pass your G.P. and contact your b.c. nurse, I always do that I find my G.P.s surgery hopeless.
Good luck, I do hope it turns out to be just an innocent cough!
Take care,