lung mets years - just for encouragement

Dear ladies and gents


I was diagnosed stage four two years ago with small tumours in both lungs and my left lung half filled with liquid.  The cancer is still in my lung membrane,  letrozole knocked the tumours into touch and been left with achy joints and shortness of breath.


To keep my spirits up and give encouragement it would be nice to hear from fellow lung mets who are doing well and have had years of good quality of life.


Years news gives us some hope.


big hugs 



Hi Sandra, Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, haven’t been my best thanks to dental work. I have lung mets but haven’t had any problems with fluid. In November I will hit 10 years with lung mets! FF

Thank you so much for posting, you have given me so much hope for a longer future
I keep praying that the hormonal drugs will give me extra years.
It so nice to hear good news and someone winning the fight

Hi Sandra

Just read your post.  I too have lung mets.  Diagnosed 4 years ago with primary breast cancer but only early this year secondary in the lung discovered.


I was on Epirubicin for 3 cycles but it was discoveed not to be working, my lungs filling up with fluid.  I am now about to have my 5th cycle of Paclitaxol and so far feel fine.


I’m probably not quite what you are looking for as my SBC is not a year on yet, but thought I would write and tell you my experience so far.


By the way, I am Sandra too.


Big hugs - Sandra x

Dearest Sandra
Having SBC is the scariest roller coaster and you never know when you are getting off or how long each treatment lasts for
Hopefully the new treatment plan of pactiloxil will give it a good kicking and give you peace of mind, not forgetting getting your health back.
I will be thinking of my fellow name sake, only one more to go.
Keep smiling and you never know I might be checking up on you in ten years time
Sandra X