Lung mets.

I found out today I have nodules on my lung which probably explains the cough I have had for a few weeks. I will continue on Herceptin and start on Capecitabine tomorrow. My onc. seems to think they are fairly tolerable but Im hoping to carry on working without losing my hair. Anyone managing to work with these tablets? any tips would be welcomed.
Jan x

Sorry to hear you have lung mets,i too have had a cough for some time im just wandering how you got the diagnosis? what tests they did, Ive had a chest x ray and ct of the chest about five months ago but they didnt see anything.
I also want to add that the porter that took me for an ecg had been given 6 months to live that was 5 yrs prior to the conversation with me.he had kidney cancer and progressed to lung mets which they controlled easily.The chappy was a right happy character and insisted on doing voluntary work twice a week at the hospital,just wanted you to know its not all doom and gloom xx

Hi, had a chest xray which ‘suggested’ infection but onc. decided on ct scan, had it done last week. Thanks for your comments, trying to keep positive.
Jan x

Hi Jan, I too have just been diagnosed with lung mets in my right lung, I had ct scan and ct biopsy, I went to doctor for antibiotics for a cough that wouldn’t go! I am now awaiting bone scan before they decide treatment, the scan is 2 weeks time it all seems to be taking so long. I was absolutely devastated at the news really cant get my head around it, did not expect it to come back so quickly as had a good prognosis the first time. Do keep me informed on your progress. Good luck with treatment Love Marina

Hi Marina, sorry to hear your news, Im also waiting for a bone scan.
I have been on herceptin for 3 years, just a break from Feb. to July because my heart function dropped, then this annoying cough appeared. Let me know what they decide for you, I’ll let you know how these chemo tablets go, best wishes, Jan x

I’m sorry to read your bad news Jan and Marina. I’ve been on constant Capecitabine, (also known as Xeloda) tablets, since April 2008. I have bone mets and after years of hormonal treatments this was my first chemo. I have found the chemo very tolerable, I feel no tiredness, my bloods bounce back and my cancer has not been active of over a year now.
Good Luck…xxx…oh and my hair is thicker and curlier too.

Ooops meant to add I would recommend moisturising hands and feet from the beginning…the most common side effect seems to be dry feet and hands. Lots of us on this chemo use a cream called Udderly Smooth. It’s available via the net…x

Hi pipkins

As well as the support you are receiving from the other users you may find the BCC secondary resources pack helpful, it has been designed specifically to provide information about a secondary diagnosis and treatment options. If you would like a pack just go to the link below:-*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/2/

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

dear Marina and Jan,
i am so sorry you have had to join us, but you will find lots of support here. I was diagnosed with lung mets 2 and 1/2 years ago, and although they are now slowly progressing, i have only had hormone therapy and capecitobine in that time. You do not lose your hair, and although i have now retired, i worked through this chemo as it was not too bad. So despite the 3 monthly scans etc and constant treatment, my life is good, and you will find a kind of balance after the initial shock. Please keep in touch,
best wishes,

Thanks Belinda, Sam and Nicky, its really good to hear that you are doing so well, Belinda and Nicky. I was warned about the hands & feet syndrome but just told to ring thehospital if I had a problem. I think I would rather try something to help, so thanks for that. Will post again soon, thanks for support.
Jan x

Hello Pipkins

I have just started on capecitobine I am on my 3rd set of tablets so far I have had very sore fingers with big splits in them despite trying all of the creams that have been recommended. |I have had the chemo reduced now and they have prescribed vitamin b as well so I hope it helps.

I too have mets in my lung mine started opff with a cough and really short of breath and the gp thought I had pneumonia and it wasn’t until they realised anti-biotics weren’t working they sent me to hospital. I also had a lump come up on the side of my neck at the same time. The hospital did biopsy on my lump and drained fluid off of my lung which was in the pleural cavity and theydx me with breast cancer. It had already spread to my liver and lymph nodes.

This was in March 2007 I had 6 lots of FEC which reduced everything quite a lot. followed by Armidex hormonal treatment and then Taxotere and now on Capecitimine. My latest scan has shown that the mets have not get any bigger in the last 6 months even though I have had the summer without any chemo.

I have heard lots of good reports about this chemo so like you I am hoping that it works for me for a long time.

Good luck Caroline
PS we can compare notes!!!

Hi Caroline,
Really glad to hear that Cap. is working for you, I have heard about the hand/foot thing, I started my tablets on thursday so I think I should start with cream or something now. I was first dx 1999,3 x wle then mastectomy with no other treatment. It came back with avengence 2005, 4 x fec and 4 x tax. and 15 rads and herceptin, which I still get. Ive just got my appt. for a bone scan 9/11 will prob. get result 11/11 (hubs!) Hope your hands/fingers improve soon, let you know how things go,
Jan x