Lung mets

Hi everyone I was diagnosed in October 2016 with TNBC started treatment in Nov so still have one more tax tomorrow. I found out yesterday’s I have lung nodules which are cancer so it’s metastasised. I am numb at the moment as still having treatment for primary Bc. I have 2 girls one who’s 20 and one who’s 8. All along we have said it will be a long year but I’m sure after treatment I will be better. But now this isn’t the case and don’t know what to say to them. Both my husband and I are devastated and don’t know what to do.

Thanks for listening

Tracy x

Hello Tracy
A warm welcome from the forum where there is real people living with cancer. There is always someone here to offer kindness and help …so feel free to rant and moan …we have all been there and got the teeshirt.
I’m hoping our lovely Funny Face will be reading this as she has been living with lung Mets for eleven years and is our inspiration to keep going.
I’m afraid I can’t help much as mine are still only bone Mets but scan soon might change things !!
Try to focus away from the " c" word if you can by doing something nice each day even if its just a hot chocolate or a bar of chocolate ,walk or mine I’m afraid is retail therapy …eBay is my best friend !!!
Hugs Carolyn xxx

HI Tracy, sorry you have had to join us but welcome. We can all understand what you are feeling like…the devastation of this news is truly awful isnt it. Like the rest of us with children (however old) its them you worry about most. Give yourself a little time, if you are able, before telling your girls. There is no easy way to do it but you will know when the time is right. Be as truthful as you can and answer their questions honestly. I am telling you all this but i am the worlds worst at doing it. I have just found out that my SBC is genetic…i have inherited the gene from my mum and there is a 50% chance that i have passed it to my daughter. I just dont know how to tell her. I keep waiting for the ‘right time’ but i know there isnt really one.Maybe we can hold each others hand across cyberland while we ‘do the deed’ . We are all here at any time to lend support…i dont know what i would have done withot the  lovely ladies on this forum. Please keep posting and let us know how things go. My thoughts and hugs are with you. xx

Hi ladies thanks for your replies ? Means a lot. I had a meeting and my onc said they are too small to treat at present so will just keep doing scans. He also said the last tax might do a job in more shrinking. I think the problem too is thinking of more treatment when you havnt done your first lot ? Xx

Hey guys are you all on another forum? Can my find any up to date ones xxx