Lung problems after Surgery?

Hi I’m hoping sombody has had a similar experance and can advise me if I need to get this checked out or not(I have had enough of doc’s recently)

I had a mastectomy with full lymph node clearence on the 17th Dec, it took about 3 hours. After a few days I noticed that with my first few breaths in the monings my right lung feels odd, really hard to describe but maybe like theres lots of tiny bubbles or like it’s expanding - it’s really quite odd. Only normally notice first thing in the morning so always forget to mention it to anyone, I have noticed it slightly more recently, sometimes when lying down but can now feel it sitting up so getting slightly concerned.

Anyone had anything similar after surgery?

Many thanks
Hypercondriac in the making

You should always check things out with your medical team. Its not hypochondiasis, it is being sensible. I know I am hyperaware of the slightest twinge or ache but I would rather get it checked out. In my “other life” before breast cancer took over I was/ am a doctor and also tell the same thing to my patients; I am being paid to look after their health so asking is not causing trouble. Sitting and worrying will just cause you stress and that is certainly not healthy.

Thanks Doc :slight_smile:

I’ll make an appointment for next week, as daft as it sounds I think i was putting it off hoping it would go of it’s own accord and would not need any treatment. I suppose I’ve waited long enough and better get it checked, just dreading it being bad news.

It is incredibly easy to say " try not to worry about it"- it might be the best thing to do but is almost impossible to do as bad outcomes, howver tiny the likelehood is, loom large and grim whilst positive out comes disappear into the shadows. The real bit is that you have already been worrying about this for a while and you will have an answer soon. For me, the fear of not knowing is far worse than knowing.
I have my fingers crossed for you that all goes well.

Echoing the doc in hoping it is nothing but you should definitely get it checked out.
It may be that part of your lung is not expanding as well as it should since your surgery. You can probably inflate it with a few deep breaths, or as you get moving during the day, then overnight it doesn’t move so well, and a few secretions collect.
It wouldn’t hurt to practice taking 3-4 deep breaths to your diaphragm maybe every hour or so that you are awake, then a good huff and cough to clear any secretions.

Don’t delay seeing your medical team though! :slight_smile: