Lung scan: good news!


had my results yesterrday. The 5mm nodule which was there 12 months ago is still there, still the same size! So, that is good news, apparently if it was cancer then it would have either shrunk or grown but highly unlikely it would be exactly the same!

Thanks for your support everyone.

Polly x

Congratulations Polly - glad the wait is over and news is positive. Did they have alternative suggestions to explain the little blighter? Or plans for it?
M-L xx

Hi M-L

No, they didnt seem to know what it was! Probably just some little nobble! they wont do anything with it either which suits me just fine!

Polly x

Great news Polly, so glad your anxious wait is over. What a relief! Sarah x

Glad to hear that you got good news. It always brightens my day when I read on here that someone has had a good result.

Love Lilac

Would just like to second that, well done and have a great day.


Hi Polly

You must be feeling great!..what good news, really pleased for you.


Hi Polly

I am so pleased about your news! You can breathe a huge sigh of relief now.



Dear Polly,
Congratulations. What fantastic news. You can breathe now!!! I am soooooo pleased for you.
What a weight off your shoulders.
You must feel so great now.
Take care