Lupron depot. v. Zoladex - any experience?

My gynaecologist has just switched me from Zoladex to Lupron depot which means I only need an injection every 3 months. Obviously I am happy about that, but I have never heard of anyone else using it, which makes me wonder why! From the website I have seen that it is a gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist which was not very helpful, and there was no mention of it being used for bc (just prostate cancer and endometriosis).

Is anyone else using this (or even heard of it)? I should add that I live in Switzerland, so maybe it is not approved in the UK???

Any feedback would be great as I find that my docs don’t really infom me enough, and keep changing stuff without saying why.

Wishing you all a lovely evening! Jen

Hi Jen

Not sure about Lupron but was told not to have the three monthly Zoladex injection and that it needed to be monthly.



Hi Karen,

Do you know why? Sorry - as I said at the start, I find stuff gets changed without any explaination. At first I was just glad to skip the monthly injection, but now I am not so sure…Have an appointment with my Onc tomorrow, but he is a useless toad.

Thanks, Jen

I have contacted the pharmacutical company that makes Lupron and spoke
with one of their medical advisors, he told me, that as yet, Lupron does
not have a UK license for treating breast cancer, although in serveral
other countries it is licensened for the treatment of breast cancer.

JennB I know you have an appointment with your oncologist soon, it maybe
worth discussing with him your change in treatment. I notice you say
that it is your gynaecologist who changed your treatment, and in fact
Lupron is licensed in the UK for several gynaecological disorders.

It maybe possible for your gynaecologist and oncologist to speak about
your treatment and with you, agree upon the most appropriate treatment
for you.

Best wishes
Clinical Nurse Specialist

Thanks Tara,

Just been to oncologist and he is quite happy with the Lupron (says it has the same effect as Zoladex). He also recommended that I stick with Tamoxifen for the time being and said I could switch to Arimidex at a later date if the current research supports this. The medical system here is very specialised, but I have to say that my gynaecologist seems much more on top of my treatment than my oncologist. He didn’t even do a blood test this time, and I only go once a year!

Thanks again.

Hi Jen

Did your Onc say about the 3 monthly injections? I believe it is because oestrogen can start being reproduced if not given on a monthly basis. I think Im as much in the dark as you LOL!!!