Lupron injections and exemestane

Hello. I am looking to hear from those who are on lupron monthly injections and aromatase inhibitor. I have been having muscle/joint aches daily; mostly upon waking and then at night when I’m trying to sleep. It’s like I have restless legs at time at night. And my tennis elbow is back again and I wonder if it’s the medicine. I also have periods of fatigue but I can’t tell if the injection is causing it or the pill. Was hoping to hear from anyone who has had this treatment. Thank you. 


Thank you for your post @lranson  you may find our Someone Like Me service helpful. The Someone Like Me service matches people affected by breast cancer to a trained volunteer who has experienced similar situations and concerns. Volunteers all have a personal experience of breast cancer and are able to offer personal support to those going through a similar experience, either by phone or email.

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