LVI Lymphovascular Invasion

Does anyone here know anything about LVI lymphovascular invasion? I have negative lymph nodes and positive LVI on my pathology report. Does anyone else have this? Or did your doctors discuss this with you? Thank you. 

Hello amy46,

Yes, I had neg lymph nodes and pos LVI. The pos LVI, along with my Oncotype DX score, were the two key factors in my requiring chemo. Your doctor should let you know if you need any further treatment. The pos LVI means that the cancerous breast tissue will have been removed, but it had invaded the breast lymph and blood system, but not reached the lymph nodes. If your tests, be they nhs, prediction or Oncotype, if appropriate, return a low number, you shouldn’t need chemo.

Perhaps you could discuss this with your breast care nurse if your doctor hasn’t informed you of your future treatment plan.

I hope this is of some help.

By the way, my chemo ended last month, thankfully, and I’m now having a few weeks rest before having radiotherapy. I thought I wasn’t going to need radiotherapy, but my tumour was grade 3, and 97mm wide, and close to chest wall, along with the pos LVI, so oncologist thought it best.

best wishes, sharlea,