Lymph gland

Hi All

Getting a bit worried, obviously still awaiting my results with the biopsy only done on Friday but no one seems to have had a biopsy on a Lymph gland and I am now thinking the worse. Has anyone got anything positive to say about a lymph gland biopsy Please!!!

Hi Debs

I had a lymph gland biopsy as it was quite clear there was a lump there as it was how I found the cancer. The biopsy was done in the exactly the same way as the biopsy taken from my breast. I had a full mastectomy and 14 lymph nodes removed of which 1 (the lump I felt) was cancerous. All biopsies were done under local anaethetic.

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Ruby xx

Hi Deb

I had a biopsy on a lymph gland after I found a lump in my armpit one year after initial treatment for BC. The results came back in two days. If you haven’t been given a date to go back I would consider chasing things up.

Good Luck

Hi all

Thinking the worse how there doesn’t seem to be any positive coments re the lymph gland biopsy. Dreading the results


Hi Deb,

Don’t forget not everyone will have seen your posting yet there is bound to be some positive comments. Remember IF it is not the news you want there is treatment available. I am 2 and a half years down the line, in both cases only one node was effected. Its very likely you have caught things in good time.