Lymph Glands

Onc just mentioned radiotherapy planning. To chest wall and armpit. He just said there was evidence of cells on surface of lymph glands hence radiotherapy to armpit as insurance policy. I had previously been told they thought they had got it all out with ancilliary clearance. Now feel things are worse yet again than I had previously thought. Told 3 to 5% chance of lymphodema to arm. Has anyone else had this or know what it means. Is the cancer more likely to spread?

Hi Starfish
In view of the fact you have had surgery you would be at risk of lymphodema anyway. If the cancer was on the surface of the cells thats better than being throughout. As he said its a case of insurance. With anything they do there is always the possibility of the occassional cell being left behind the radio just helps mop it up. I am sure if you are really worried the help line will allay your fears. The thing I hate most about this disease is that every time you think you have a handle on things they move the goal posts. Anyway not sure if you had chemo but if you did radio is a walk in the park in comparison. If you didn’t its a bit inconvenient as you have to go each day, can be a bit impersonal as they have to get you lined up each time so there is not much time for chit chat - but I had 29 sessions and found the staff lovely. Drink as much water as you can, use plenty of aqueous cream and you should be fine - there are lots of top tips on here.
I think you just have to bear in mind that they will do everything they can to prevent anything coming back and the radio is just a bit of extra protection.
Hope you get on OK

Hi Starfish

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