Lymph node biopsy

Hi everyone just been told I have some invasive cancer as well as dcis so need further tissue removed and lymph biopsy can any one tell me how sore it is afterwards and does it affect your use of that arm much afterwards? Thank you x

Hi ,welcome to the forum .From my experience and I think in most people’s experience the underarm incision to remove lymphnodes is a lot more uncomfortable and painful than the breast op - my BC nurse said this was primarily because you have more nerve endings here and also because every time you move your arm you stretch the scar a little .For me it was painful but it didn’t restrict my arm movement much after the first couple of weeks and after that I could drive without too much discomfort .Good luck with your op .Jill x


I have just had surgery for the very same reasons. I had a lumpectomy for grade 3 DCIS in October, 2 weeks later I discovered it was invasive bc and needed extra tissue and sentinel node biopsy removing which they did 3 days later. To be honest I found it sore and uncomfortable for a few days longer than the lumpectomy but I made sure I moved my arm sensibly from the beginning and luckily haven’t had any restriction of movement. I think I found the effects of 2 anaesthetic close together and my emotions more of a problem. 3 weeks after this I am back at work trying to have a bit of normality. 

Make sure you look after yourself and take any offer of help. 

Take care xx