lymph node cancer 5 months after treatment finished

Hi All

Got results of bone scan yesterday - that is clear - so that is all good. Just have to keep fingers crossed that this was just a few stray cells from old cancer rather than a new one - as thats the better option.

Just to keep busy now till Tuesday - going in at 0800 for surgery that day. Then it will be no driving for a while.
How long before you guys drove after full node clearance? I hate being dependent on others!!

THanks for all your support

Hi Sparkler,

Great news about your bone scan - you must be relieved. Here’s hoping that the node results are also good iykwim. Wishing you all the best for tuesday.

I had lumpectomy, other breast reduction and full node clearance early July. Was told not to drive for 6 weeks, but felt ready before then. Think it was cos both sides affected, they reckoned seatbelt and emgy stops would not be good mix! Mobility in arm came back quickly although strength took longer. Honestly forget about it now - only remember when carrying heavy items and doing things I prob shouldn’t!! Remember your arm exercises and you’ll hopefully be ok.

I’m a bit crap at this technical stuff, and just received your PM today, so don’t know how to whisper back. But I’m getting treated in the same place as you!!! - currently walking up there daily for rads. Live a few miles north, but work in west end. If you fancy a coffee n blether with a BC stranger, let me know! Or indeed a mystery visitor whilst you’re in hosp, just shout - I’m there daily anyhow!! Take care,


good luck for tomorrow.


Just wanted to add my support to Veeluz and Sparkler.

I too was DX BC Feb 07, had Mas, FEC (chemo), RADS and Hercepin. Like others I had started to turn the corner and get my confidence back that life will go on. I underwent a DIEP reconstruction in Feb 08 and life was great. Then I too found a lump in my other breast, I had had scans, full core biopsy etc prior to the reconstruction because I wanted to make sure that I had the all clear before commencing down the road of starting to look / feel good again. I was re-diagnosed with a new cancer in May 08, this time tripple neg (only hormone neg last time hence the herceptin). Life did stop, and yes unfair and lightening striking twice seem the only way to put something like this into perspective. I have had surgery and I am trying to get through cycle 3 of Taxitere - the side effects are so very hard and I spend the first 9 days post chemo in bed / on bed but doing nothing. Having had two lots of chemo in 15 months my body does not quite know what to make of all of this. I find the steriods give me real mood swings along with the fact that I crash off them at the end of each course. It is a relieve to feel like me again post day 9 of chemo, I genuinly feel the “fog” lift.

Reading about other woman who are really sharing the journey is tremendously encouraging and I hope that the knowledge that however hard it is, light follows the dark times and yes your “Sparkle” does come back.

Good luck with your treatments, I look foward to hearing from you.