Lymph node dilemma

Hi , could anyone give me some advice?
I had positive lymph node biopsy in Dec and grade 2 bc .(. level 3 lymphs on MRI )
I’ve had 2x Fec and 12 paciltacel. Herceptin too .
Last MRI showed no sign of cancer in breast or lymphs.
Having wle and anc - my arm had cording already and also is bad from car accident years ago so I get tingles and it’s weak and my shoulder aches .
Very worried about getting lymphodema , I have 3 kids under 11 so will be hard not to lift stuff !
My hospital takes out lymphs then gives rads … but as no cancer should I just say I want rads only ?
I’m so stuck as op on 13/7 and I feel it’s so drastic when I had such a good response to chemo .

Hi Zena has the oncologist given you any statistics on leaving/removing the lymph nodes? I had axillary lymph nodes removed 5 years ago along with mastectomy. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A few months ago whilst having a reconstructive op they discovered an affected positive node in my chest which has now been removed. That did not show on a ct scan that I had 6 months previously. I think the main thing to be aware of is that micro cancer cells do not. necessarily show up on tests but it doesn’t mean they are not there. Personally I think if the lymph nodes have been affected I would always get them removed so they don’t have potential to cause any further problems down the line. I suspect the lymph node in my chest had been affected when I was diagnosed initially but may not have been noticeable on scans. It does not always follow that you will develop lymphoedema lots of women have node clearance with no further problems. I do have lymphoedema which is only slight and is manageable. Try and get some more information from your doctors or breast care nurse before making your final decision x

Thank you white lily .
I’m sorry you going through all this it’s awful isn’t it .
I’ve been feeling so well since end of chemo , just don’t want to have drastic surgery as had pre chemo to prevent that . Seems like what’s the point of pre-chemo …
I do see what you are saying though , and I had high level lymphs before chemo , it’s all scary I guess .
Il chat with my bcn and maybe my onc xxx

Hi Zena
It is a hard decision to make isn’t it. I was also given the option of having just radio or LN clearance as on the sentinel biopsy I had 1 positive node. I was very unsure and didn’t I want more invasive a surgery but in the end I opted for clearance and they found another node to be positive so for me it was the right decision. My surgeon told me that the risks of lymphoedema are almost the same whether you chose radio and clearance. I did all the exercises as soon after
surgery as possible and so far so good. Good luck I know how hard it is to make such huge decisions

Hi claire , how are you Hun ?
Blummin lucky they got that node out yea … both you and white lily were lucky .
I guess I just have to take the risk and have it done .
Il chat with my bcn too .
I suppose because I had MRI which showed no cancer that I feel why take a risk , but as you say things get missed .
With a full clearance do they go right up your chest ?
How does your arm feel now?
Zena xx