Lymph node involvement - Extranodal extension

Lymph node involvement - Extranodal extension

Lymph node involvement - Extranodal extension After reading the topic large lymph node involvement i wondered about extranodal extension. I understand this to mean that the cancer cells are not all contained within the node and have started to break through.
If anyone can give me more accurate information about this i would be grateful.

I have assumed that this is a bad thing and wondered whether those of you with large lymph node involvement also had this. I had 6/14 positive nodes including the apical node which is the one furthest away from the breast. They also had extranodal extension.

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9/15 lymph nodes positive with evidence of perinodal spread. I decided I didn’t want more info as to exactly where this perinodal spread was. (2 tumours - largest 4.5cm , grade 3, HER2+++ was enough for me!).

It is as far as I’m concerned, not good. The only “positive” I have on it was that the staging scans (abdominal U/S, Chest XRay and bone scan were all clear) - From all of this I think the odds are that I would have had micromets as I started my chemo and the best I can hope for is that they have been “dealt with” or lay dormant for a very long time.

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I’ve only recently returned to work and am finding it exhausting. What sort of follow up are you receiving?
Like you, i feel i have a lot of poor prognostic features and sometimes i get very low and worried and almost feel recurrence is inevitable. I hope as time goes on these feelings will come less often and i can focus less on the future.
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Follow up for me still seems a long way off - as I have been having herceptin I’ve not gone 3 weeks since diagnosis (11/04) without seeing someone or treatment. - More surgery needed at well - 1st op on saturday. When this is all settled I’ve been told I will be seen every 3 months by either Onc or Surgeon.

I will email moderators and give them permission to pass on my email address if you want to contact me directly.