LYMPH NODE PROBLEM Can anyone help. I had all my lymph nodes removed with my breast, followed by radiotherapy last September. The pain under the arm and across the chest doesn’t seem to get any easier. Its getting me down and I don’t want to be dependant on painkillers. Any idea how long it takes to get any better ?

hi there

I had mine removed about 10 weeks ago and im not in any pain. September is a long time ago and im thinking you shouldnt still be suffering, poor you. is it worth speaking to your consultant/breast nurse/doctor about it as it doesnt seem right to be in pain for this long.

take care


I had all mine removed but have never had much pain although my underarm is still a bit numb 3+ years down the line! My treated breast was quite sore for years and is only now starting to feel the same as the other but that was put down to the radiotherapy.

Still in pain HI

Like you i have know been in pain in my ribs etc for the last 7months following operation and radiotherapy. Doctor says it is just the side effects which I have to grin and bear, hate taking painkillers, he says it effects different people in different ways.


I didnt have any aches until I had finished the rads. I just get a dull ache in my back when I wake up in the morning on the side of the operations. Soon as I get out of bed, its gone! I seem to be able to sleep on the side of the op now for a few hours, so it looks like its getting better with time…