Lymph node removal - second op - question

I hope someone can help. I had my WLE and one lymph node removed on 24 April and thankfully all was clear. Howvever, when I was originally diagnosed there were 3 affected nodes so I am going in tomorrow to have the other two removed as " a precaution" I have been told not to worry by the surgeon as he doesnt suspect anything untoward ( easier said than done lol) but of course I am. Does anyone know if this will be a day case op? Will I have a drain? Didnt have drain last time. Otherwise I feel good, getting “me” back slowly!
Id be grateful for any advice

Bumping this up for jintyb

Hi Jintyb,
I don’t know for definate but am prettry sure it will be a day patient job. I’ve just had WLE and sentinol biopsy, which thankfully has come back ok, but I did look into what would happen if had to go back in. I don’t think you would have a drain, and is a similiar procedure to what you have had done already (but without the WLE).
As I say i’m not sure, it may be worth ringing your BCN.
Hope all goes ok and you get good results.

Hi Jintyb
It should be a day op, I had full node clearance and wle and came out same day , as for the drain I did have a drain for 5 days but not sure if this was due to node clearance or wle I know I dont ask many questions just want to get on with it type of girl :slight_smile: so you may have one sorry cant help much on that , good luck hun , by the way I had 3 affected nodes out of 20 but had full clearance , I wonder why cos I have lymphodema now grrrr

All the best x

Hi folks, thank you for takng the time to reply. Just to update you, i had my op on Wed and Im still in hosp. The drain stays in ntil you are draininv less than 50ml in a 24hr period. This level depends on your consultant -it can vary. I am currently spouting out 100ml a day so im staying here for now. I had full node clearance. Im quite sore stiff and hav some numbness but being well looked aftr by a great team. Shoul get home tomorrow - day 5.

Hi Jintyb,
I had ANC and was sent home with the drain the following morning - it came out after 7 days despite the fact that I was still draining about 100ml a day - I had to have my bottle changed 3 times in the week because it kept filling up!! LOL My advice is to do the exercises they give you continuously. I’m 2 weeks post op and still sore and in quite a bit of pain with restricted movement especially first thing in the morning. So glad to hear you have a great team looking after you, I hope you get home soon, there’s nothing like your own bed!! Take care - Cress X

Hi Cress, thanks for your reply.
I got my drain removed yesterday and got home, which I very happy about. So far my wound is fine , nothing untoward happening!
Thanks for the advice about the exercises - I also find that the pain and stiffness eases after Ive done them ( you would think the opposite would be the case) The nurses and physio at hospital were adamant about doing them and I am determined to get as much movement back as I can. I believe swimming is good too esp breast stroke so once everything is healed properly I will be dusting off my cossie!
Best wishes for your recovery - you have given me a boost!