Lymph node removal

Hi girlies
Recently has surgery to breast and achieved clear margins.yeh!! ?. However they found cells in my centinal lymph nodes (marco) and talking about Axilla clearance and chemo, rad.I am OR+, her2 neg , stage 2 and pre menopausal.(47) Is anyone else is my situation or has been as very confused about next steps to take. Also has anyone been involved in the oncotype dx test and did it help with their decision making .? Cheers Lorna xx

Hi Lorna,

Certainly there are others in your situation, however this is a quiet thread, so it maybe an idea to post on the ‘going through treatment’ board.’

My understanding of Dx testing is that it is offered to those with no node involvement as the chemo decision is more uncertain in this situation, this bcc link explains it. 

Wishing you the very best with it all,

ann x

Hi Lorna I was in the same situation though older than you at 60.  I had two positive lymph nodes one micro one macro and had a further operation with second tier of lymph nodes removed which were clear thank goodness.  I had a similar test to Oncotype as part of a clinical trial at the Royal Marsden and my score was low so chemo was not recommended.   I had mastectomy so no radiotherapy.  I was stage 2, ER+ Her2 neg too.  Oncologist told me that breast cancer has been overtreated to be on the safe side and these tests like Oncotype are very useful in identifying if chemo will be beneficial or not so reduce overtreatment.    Good luck with everything.  

Thanks Cattokitty
I think what I’m realising through this whole process is how complex and varied each individual case is. I’m pre menopausal so I think that makes all the difference in treatment planning . It looks highly likely that I will get the full works unfortunately. I like the idea of oncotype testing but I’m not sure if I qualify? Did you experience any complications from lymph node removal? In my case I’m not even sure any many more they will remove. They only removed the centinal so far so there’s a possibility that the rest are clear ??? X