Lymph Node Transfer surgery - anyone had this?

Hi all,
I am booked to have lymph node transfer surgery along with delayed DIEP flap reconstruction. Wondering if anyone in the forum has had a lymph node transfer and would share their outcome?
Also be great to hear if any tips for what you found useful to take in to hospital as I am going to be far from home and need to pack well!

Jingo I hope someone replies to this thread as there must be some ladies out there reading this who have had this procedure. Regarding what to take into hospital I found a small battery operated hand held fan useful as you will have the bear hugger heat pad on to help keep the blood supply in the new flap. This can be very uncomfortable sometimes especially if you have hot flushes still so the fan helps keep you a bit cooler. Also baby wipes/ face wipes for face and underarms to freshen up and straws to help you drink a little easier when you can’t always sit up. And on discharge have a pillow to protect your tummy and chest from seat belt. Hope other ladies will share what they found useful x 

Thank you whitellily - not looking forward to being even hotter!

Hi Jingo, I had both delayed DIEP and vascular lymph node transfer in May last year. The reconstruction is better than I could have imagined. The lymph node transfer has worked a little but not removed my lymphodema altogether. I’m hopeful it will keep improving as I’ve heard it can take up to 18 months to get the full results.
You don’t need much in hospital for the first few days apart from toiletries as they keep you in a gown to monitor you regularly ( it’s like sleep deprivation, every half an hour checking blood flows). I took roomy pyjamas to wear. Best advice is take your headphones, you don’t feel up to much but it breaks the boredom.
Hope it goes well. I’m really chuffed with my results.

Good luck.

Thanks for replying Mel and glad you are pleased with the DIEP but sorry to hear that the LNT hasn’t been what you might have hoped for. My arm is so out of control these days that I think almost any improvement would be amazing but like all of us I guess I secretly hope to he ‘cured’.
Are you able to wear your sleeve any less? Or is it just a measurement improvement that you’ve seen? Did you have it done in Birmingham?

Hi Jingo, I had my surgery in Coventry but it may be the same surgeon. If you PM me I can share the surgeons name but it’s not allowed on the forum. We obviously aren’t far apart so if you wanted to meet I’d be happy to tell you how it’s all been.
I do a lot of taping but wear my sleeve for work. I probably wear it about the same but my arm is stronger than before so a benefit in another way!
When is your surgery?

I too going to visit doctors as I have seen the pain in my lymph nodes. Did anyone face the same situation? let me share your thoughts. I followed this article to get information about what caused this problem.