Lymph node tumour surgery

normally 2 incisions are made for SLNB and lumpectomy. (Wide local incision).One is made to access the lymph nodes and another separate one to access the tumour.
Can anyone you tell if there surgery involved only one incision to carry out SLNB and to access the tumour/lesion.

I’d be very interested to know

Hi Diana

I don’t have a medical response for you but I’ve just had a good feel and I have only one linear scar. Obviously once it reaches the axilla, it goes every which way but it feels like one incision and I know it looks like one too. I did have a full mastectomy however, along with full axillary clearance (a punch biopsy of the sentinel node already showed heavy node involvement was likely). I suspect when the bulk of the breast is being preserved, surgeons are likely to take better care in terms of what is left behind because one incision looks pretty brutal!

I wonder if the location of the tumour and lumpectomy determines the number of incisions. It would make sense. Perhaps a call to the BCN helpline would clarify it for you. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Take care xx