Lymph nodes affected

I would like to hear from ladies that had several lymphnodes affected and are doing well.

 Thank you 

Hi Drida

I had full axillary clearance in October 2018. 19 of the 21 lymph nodes removed were infected. It. Sounds terrifying but the lymph nodes do a fine job. A bone scan, a CT scan and two MRIs later, there is no sign of any spread beyond those wonderful nodes. If the cancer comes back, there’s nothing I can do about it so I’ll worry about that if it ever happens. I’m a great and grateful fan, even if my arm is now somewhat uncomfortable.

As I said, it does sound terrifying. Your job right now is to ensure your emotional life is as comfortable as it can be in the circumstances. Trust your oncology team to sort out the cancer/prevention and focus on relaxation, meditation, exercise - whatever rocks your boat. I found some great relaxation/hypnosis videos on YouTube that I used daily  and still sometimes use to keep me grounded. 

I wish you all the best in your recovery x

Hi Drida, I’m now 73 and had a lumpectomy plus full LN clearance in March 2017. Unfortunately 15 / 21 LN showed signs of cancer. I had radiotherapy to the breast and also to the LN on the clavicle. In October 2017, 4 tiny mets showed in my lungs. I am ER+, HR- so am on Letrozole and Palbociclib for the foreseeable  future. My wonderful Onco promises he has plenty of good stuff in his little black bag ! Until Covid raised its nasty little head I made the gym 3 times a week, plus TaiChi at my Maggies Centre . Do not let cancer define who you are or what you are capable of doing, and remember that cancer is so very treatable now due to amazing steps in research. Be kind to yourself, and listen to your bodies needs. Seek help when you need it from whatever source. Good luck. X