Lymph nodes!

Ok now for my next question. I was told I had a 17mm cancerous lump and some calcification. I’ve had a core biopsy and another biopsy, two ultrasounds and several mammograms. They can’t get the calcification on the screen because of where it is but I was told it was “most likely benign”. I will be having a breast MRI. I asked, what about my lymph nodes? To which the consultant breezily replied that my lymph nodes “are fine”. End of discussion.

I breathed a sigh of relief until I saw on here that people have had various things done in order to find out about the lymph nodes. So was the consultant just fobbing me off (in the nicest way) so as not to worry me?!!
Thank you to you all in advance xxx

Hello Julie


I would really like to help and offer some advice but I am a bit confused. Have you had the results of you biopsies? You mention that you had a core biopsy and another biopsy, was this a surgical biopsy?

With invasive cancer you would have a sentinel node biopsy as a minimum. With dcis (non invasive cancer) there is no need for a sentinel node biopsy, though this is done as routine if you have to have a mastectomy for dcis. Do you know any more detail, like the type, grade or stage of your lump?

Perhaps your consultant is waiting until you have had the mri before discussing checking for lymph node involvement?

Sorry if this is not much help.