Lymph Nodes

I had a double mastectomy in July. Thankfully was pure DCIS, 5 lymph nodes removed and all negative so no further treatment.
A week or so ago I noticed two lymph nodes under my chin that I can feel, I don’t know if they’ve always been like that and I haven’t noticed or if they’ve swollen. But they’re not my glands at the side they’re two tiny balls directly under my chin.
I feel sick with fear ??

Hi there
I am new to this group and so this is my first post.
Have joined purely to share a very recent experience, one which I’m very glad to say has a very happy ending.
I was diagnosed with stage 1 bc in September 2010 at the age of 46. I have a family history of bc so it came as know real surprise but was obviously still devastated.
Fast forwarding to January this year my daughter (1 of 4) was also very sadly diagnosed at the age of 23.
This absolutely turned our world upside down as you can imagine. So very young to be dealing with this horrible disease.
She opted for a double
Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and bounced back relatively quickly, her prognosis was very good and being a very strong family we got through it together and I’m glad to say came out the other side.
Then a month ago she developed rib pain and also found a fresh lump in her axilla.
Panic instantly set in and I, as her mother jumped straight away to the worst possible scenario.
I ended up driving myself completely mad and came on this site along with many others and read so many very sad stories.
Unfortunately people that use these sites like me are understandably looking for answers and reassurance during difficult times.
To cut a very long story short after weeks and weeks of worry and anxiety we had to go yesterday for the results
Of her ct scan.
Ct scan all clear!!! Bone pain just a bi product of what she has been through with regards to surgery and the swollen lymph node ?? Probably once again jus her body dealing with the trauma that she has been through.
I know it is so easy to do, I have done it myself only too often but please try not to jump to conclusions and think the worst
There is often an alternative and very innocent reason for these symptoms that we sometimes experience.

Hi there.
Sorry to hear that you are going through a worrying time. Is there any update? If you’re treatment was only in July and your diagnosis was dcis there is very little chance of it being anything sisnster. More like a virus your body is trying to fight. Please let us know how you get on. Big hug xx

Hi Laura, I had BC in 2014 with masectomy and now on tamoxifen. Last year i found a swollen lymph node on my good side under my arm. My first though was, it’s come back. I went to the doctors and because of my history was sent for an ultrasound and biopsy. It came back clear which was such good news. It’s still there and had it checked again this year as part of my annual check up and it hasn’t changed and they are happy to leave be. It’s easy to think all lumps and bumps mean bad news and I think after what we have been through we are on high alert where our bodies are concerned. I just wanted to share that not all swollen nodes are sinister. If you are worrying speak to your bc nurse or doctor, better to put your mind at rest. Sending you a big hug…xx