Lymph noexperiende removal---arm pit can ache is this normal


I had my opp last year in june, I had a double mast and lumph node clearance on my left side. Recently my shoulder has been aching and armpit can feel achey…Im not sure if its just cos my nervs are coming back and this is why! Im quite worried!

Has anyone experienced this? x

Hi Mairead,
i have an uncomfortable feeling in my armpit and i have had rib pain also in the area that was affected. I,m putting the rib pain down to rads although the armpit must be something else as i didn’t have armpit radiated.

Since i finished treatment i have had a clicky neck that ached,two months of dizzy/fuzzy head,the head thankfully has cleared up by changing to nolvadex d and i have chosen to ignore the clicky neck as the doc did some prelimanary test which were ok.

I don’t know if your the same as me but just as i either get over a symptom or learn to live with it another one seems to come. I’m not going to doc for this one as i think he may have me down as a hypochondriac.

I take my comfort in coming on these forums and seeing if anyone is suffering the same symptoms,and you know what it hasn’t failed yet!

Hope this has helped you a little but yes my armpit aches too,like a niggling toothache.


Yes…its not painful, just aware of the aching. I know that its down to having my lymph nodes removed but I ant help but worry sometimes! And yes aches do appear then dissapear ad come somewhere else! Tamoxifen is a swine for tht!

Thanks Tracythats made me feel better!

I’m so glad you’ve raised this. I too had my surgery last June with node clearance and the last couple of weeks have been having aches in my shoulder and arm. Have noticed that it’s worse if I sleep on the affected side. Was getting a bit worried but glad to hear I’m not the only one.