lymph pain

Hi, I called into my local Oncology for an appointment today. This is following up after having a grade 3 cancer lump removed March 09. I had chemo, radio and herseptin. Finished Herseptin in March 10. I still have pain in underarm where lymph nodes were taken (no cancer found) and find it lumpy. I also have the “sweats”. Oncologist was going to prescribe me Venlafaxine for the “sweats” then realised after Nurse pointed out that I take Amytriptyline (for lower back pain). I also have deterioration of spine and was prescribed this plus painkillers Co Dyrdramol. I am asthmatic so have to be careful about taking medication. I had been prescribed gabapentin for pain in past and it compromised the asthma. I have left feeling like they think the pain is in my head. Would I see a psychologist! I feel very low about it all. After 5 goes they managed to get a blood sample; have offered to refer me to get a bone scan and scan of underarm but told me they were ruling this out more for my sake as they still felt all was ok! I just wanted to know if anyone else out there has had similar problems. Also how long does it take for nails to become normal, how long or energy levels come back. I am beginning to feel it is taking for ever to “get back to normal”. Thanks.