Lymphangitis carcinomatosa


i am newly diagnosed triple negative SBC to chest wall and lymph nodes and due to start capecitabine on Monday. (Primary treated 2019/2020).   Before diagnosis I was being investigated for respiratory symptoms by respiratory team and put on steroids for lung consolidation thought to be due to a non infection immune response cause.  The steroids haven’t improved my symptoms and now the radiologists are considering that my lung changes could well be cancer related (something I thought all along!).  My oncologist has mentioned lymphangitis carcinomatosa as a possible cause.  I have googled this and findings are grim.  I am struggling to find anyone with experience of this so any information would be appreciated.  I realise that if cancer is the underlying cause then hopefully chemo will help but I am eager for any info that may help me with my expectations for possible recovery.  Thanks


TBNC can be a very scary diagnosis. I highly recommend the FB forum: Triple Negative Breast Cancer UK and Ireland (TNBC) support.

They have helped me enormously. Lots of very supportive, positive  and extremely informed members.

I hope it all works out for you. Best wishes and hugs.