Lymphatic drainage of your boob - can you self massage???

HI everyone,

have just discovered that after my wle and radiotherapy, which finished in april, my boob is a different size which i thought was just normal.

saw my surgeon for check up and she thinks it is lymphodema, and will refer me from massage drainage.

what i wanted to ask is has anyone had any luck, doing small moves on themselves> have looked on some good sites and some you tube clips. 

it will take til after christmas for the referral so just wondered if i could help myself in the meanwhile. and if you have done it, was it successful?

i have done a massage diploma and know lymphatic is very gentle and specific.

Thank you

Anne xx

Hi amd66

I have put for you below links to 2 of BCC’s publications which I hope you find helpful.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator