Lymphatic system !!!

It’s stupid o clock and after thinking I’m coping ok with this latest spread news don’t think I am!! If there is spread into my lymphatic system is it still treatable. I’m having Fec chemo in a few weeks but this just seems to be getting bigger and bigger in my head. Anyone have any experience of this please xxxx

Oh Tracy,hugs to you ((())) I would say yes,it is treatable wherever it has spread… Because the chemo is in your body it goes all over through your blood and lymphatic system . I totally understand what you are thinking while waiting for treatment ,I’m the same. It’s the thought of not taking anything while you wait and the mind goes into overdrive.
I’ve read on here ladies with it in lymph nodes and chemo reduces them or gets rid of them completely .
Hopefully someone can give you more advice.
Stay strong Tracy we are all here for you,massive hugs coming your way,Helen ((((xxxxx))))

Well I may be wrong but I would think most of us with mets have some degree of spread to the lymphatic system and yes chemo will travel to those parts as Helen says. Hope you managed some sleep. X

Hi Desi

I am sorry to read that you are going through a difficult time, along with the support here our helpliners are on hand today 9-5, it may help to call and talk things through with one of our team

0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2

Take care
Lucy BCC

I had spread to four of my lymph nodes but no evidence of wide spread.  The chemo and any additional treatments are targeted towards cells which may still be circulating in the blood or lymph systems or indeed have settled but have not yet developed the ability to become malignant.  We all hope that the chemo etc works for us but we have just to wait and see and deal with anything which comes up in the future.  I hope that does not sound pessimistic but I really do feel that it is the realiity.  Regards to all.

Tracy when they dx my lung mets in may there were also 2 nodes involved…hilar and paratracheal. Although no-ones really spoken about those…just said one was high up the other near more central near windpipe where one of the mets is compressing. When I asked how they would treat those i was told the chemo would treat them in the same way it does with the mets. So I wouldnt worry unnecessarily.
Try and relax…thats rich coming from me lol…I’m the worlds worst worrier normally!
Big hugz for you ??