Lymphedema hand swelling......confused!!!

I have recently been diagnosed with mild lymphedema following mastectomy and LD reconstruction in 2012. I also have developed seroma under my reconstruction scar. When I saw the lymphedema nurse she advised me it was not possible to get swelling on the palm of your hand! However I have searched and seen pictures of the very same swelling!! I am now very confused and not sure whether to get a second opinion! Anyone out there able to help me???
Thanks in advance

Hi Cotts,

I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication for Lymphoedema which I hope you find helpful.

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Jo, Moderator


I’m still waiting to see a Lymphoedema nurse, appt at end of this month. But I think I would seek a second opinion. I have swelling in my hand, fingers, thumb and wrist and also the palm of my hand. If I put both of my hands next to each other, I can clearly see a difference.

Lymphoedema is a collection of fluid within in the tissues. Therefore surely it can affect any part of you body that is made up of tissue?!

I would ask the person who told you that, what they think it is, if it isn’t Lymphoedema?

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted soon.

Sal x

Hi Cotts

    Well my hand swells with lymphodema, it swells on the palm, fingers & top section of hand so I am afraid as much as I dont like to I disagree with what you have been told, when I go to the lymph clinic they always measure my hand as well as arm and it fluctuates up/down, a second opinion is a must I would say and agree with Nan-sal

Thank you ladies think I will ask for a second opinion. I think the seroma is also linked to the lymphedema as my surgery was over 2 years ago! X